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A few weeks ago while preaching his sermon Br’er Dan said, "Animal abusers bother me more as I grow older.” As he spoke those words it struck me that Max A Pooch’s Awesome Animal Advocates had not invited a cleric to be a guest on the show. After 64 episodes I thought it was time to get a clergyman’s perspective on advocating for animals. Meet Br’er Dan and learn one preacher’s take on being kind to animals.

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Dr. Daniel E. W. Ivins or Br’er Dan as he prefers to be called is Tennessee born. He has been licensed to preach since 1967 and his last church before he retired was the church founded by Roger Williams  in 1638 in what was to become the state of Rhode Island.

Br’er Dan was known to wear an orange Tennessee T-Shirt on it. When asked of the significance of the number he would respond by saying he was the 36 Pastor to preach at the Church founded by Roger Williams.

Most recently Br’er Dan was the Senior Interim Minister of the Community Church of Tellcio Village, Tennessee.

Br’er Dan is an animal lover, motorcycle rider and has a sense of humor. At his Church in Rhode Island he was known as the sign guy. Some of the signs that appeared outside his church were “Earth without Art is Eh,”  “We reserve the right to accept anybody,” and “Church Parking Violators will be baptized.”

Eclectic and humorous are two words that describe Br’er Dan who calls Richard Pryor his patron sinner. He currently resides in Knoxville, TN with his wife Libby of 53 years and their dog Lilly Beth.

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