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Four Paws Food Pantry Provides a
100 Ton Solution to a Challenge

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Linda Walter ..................................


Sometimes people rise to a challenge and find a way to help not only animals but humans. Linda Walter, founder of Four Paws Food Pantry and her colleagues are just such examples. Linda saw a problem and instead of complaining about it created a solution that has benefitted countless cats and dogs and their human companions in Eastern Tennessee. As of August of this year they have delivered almost 100 tons of pet food for the pets of families coping with financial difficulties This episode of Awesome Animal Advocates contains valuable information from Linda on not only what she did, but advice to those who are thinking of founding a not for profit organization but who may be afraid to do so.

 In 2009 Linda Walters President, Chris Britton VP and Carol Witherington  Treasurer of what was to become Four Paws Pantry for Animals noticed a disturbing trend at the local animal shelter where they served as volunteers. According to Linda, “The shelter was experiencing an increasing trend in pets being surrendered because families could no longer care for them. There was a real down turn in the economy and folks were losing their jobs even their homes. Many of these animals were older and had a poor chance of being adopted”.

Seeing this trend Linda and some friends formed Four Paws Food Pantry.. Since then through the hard work of these dedicated animal advocates and their volunteers almost 100 tons of animal food has been collected and distributed for the pets of families facing financial crisis. Listen as Linda shares how they accomplished this amazing task, why she thinks starting a not-for-profit is like starting a business, and why even though the challenge was greater than she had estimated she believes the effort is worth it.


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Linda Walter has been a resident of Tellico Village in Eastern Tennessee for almost 20 years. As is true of many other residents of this idyllic community that is located on pristine Tellico Lake, Linda felt a need to contribute to the community. In her case this meant being a volunteer at the Loudon County Animal Shelter where she worked with big dogs.
Since 2009 she has built Four Paws Food Pantry, a non profit with the help of a dedicated team of volunteers that includes VP Chris Britton, VP, Carol Witherington,Treasurer,  and  many great volunteers including Ken Wood, our Web Site Master; Barb Spate, our Client Data Sheet Manager; Karla Ingle, our Recording Secretary; and Jackie Curtiss, the Corresponding Secretary.


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