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Meet Tim Phillips of ADI who
was Featured on ABC’ Nightline

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Between the two of them this will make the third appearance of either Tim Phillips and/or his wife Jan Creamer co-founders of Animal Defenders International (ADI) appearing on Awesome Animal Advocates.   Listen as Tim Phillips brings us up to date on the success of the film Lion Ark, and what he and Jan are doing in Peru. When you do you’ll understand why ADI is a featured news item on a national network news program such as ABC’s Nightline.

There’s good reason ADI is invited back to Awesome Animal Advocates. ADI is always making headlines in the animal world.  Why? This dynamic organization is about more than complaining about animal issues. It is the whole enchilada, the complete ball of wax. When ADI begins a campaign such as its recent ones in countries such as Bolivia and Peru America it is a package from start to finish. First they investigated the circuses and documented the cruel treatment received by the animals. Next they used the findings of their investigations to build awareness and enlist legislators to pass legislation.  Then, realizing that just because laws are passed that doesn’t guarantee a good end result. In this case just because wild animals are banned from performing in circuses, law needs to be enforced. Animals such as lions need to be rescued and then permanent refuges need to be found where they will be cared for the rest of their lives. Few animal advocacy organizations have the will or the expertise to do what ADI does. Their passion, compassion, thoroughness, and professionalism put ADI among a small and elite group of animal advocates.

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A documentary film he saw in 1981 changed Tim Phillips from a life as a banker to an awesome animal advocate. The film’s title was “The Animals Film” and exposed cruelty to animals. Tim quit his banking job, purchased a camera and began exposing cruel practices in agriculture, circuses and advertising and laboratory research.
Tim met his wife Jan Creamer when she knocked on his door to ask him if she could borrow a trap for feral cats. Jan was also an animal advocate and in 1990 they founded Animal Defenders International.  Since then ADI has grown to be an international force that animal abusers have learned to fear.

The work undertaken by Tim, Jan and the staff of ADI is one that can be and is dangerous where risk of injury or even death can result from angry mobs, confused and scared animals being rescued, or accidents when transporting the animals over barely passable jungle roads or up rain swollen jungle rivers. Phillips describes ADI’s approach as “holistic,” gathering both physical and scientific evidence to stop animal mistreatment. He uses hidden cameras to capture footage of the suffering and relies on animal experts to analyze the behaviors. The covert surveillance and research provide the necessary evidence to prosecute abusers in court. Phillips and Creamer must often dodge angry mobs and handle dangerous animals in order to pursue their cause, but they persevere in their campaigns to end animal suffering.

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