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Meet Cesar Millan ‘Leader of the Pack, ’and Author of A Short Guide to a Happy Dog, and Mark Barone the Man Who is Painting the Portraits of 5500 Dogs and his Wife Marina Dervan

Cesar Millan on Pet Life Radio..........Mark Barone and Marina Dervan  on Pet Life Radio

Cesar Millan..................................Mark Barone & Marina Dervan


Cesar Millan, who through his two television series, his books, and personal appearances, has helped millions of dog owners understand how to change problem dogs to happy dogs. He explains why  sometimes it is good to look at working with your dogs as a project. He also discusses some of the basics of keeping your dog happy and healthy as warmer weather is near. He  warns of the dangers fleas and ticks may pose to dogs, and urges dog owners to visit their veterinarians to be informed about flea and tick control as we head into the warmer seasons.

Mark Barone and Marina Dervan share with us the story of what set them on their unique and inspirational journey to found the No-Kill Advocacy organization An Act of Dog and what caused Mark a talented and established artist to set a goal to paint the portraits of 5500 hundred dogs. Theirs is truly a remarkable story.

Cesar was born in Mexican, Mark born in the United States, and Marina born in England. These three remarkable people prove that Max A Pooch’s Awesome Animal Advocates are a diverse community consisting of people whose skills and talents are as diverse as the people. Their shared dream is to use their abilities to help save the lives of and/or improve the conditions of animals

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Cesar Millan
·         Cesar Millan is a best-selling author, star of a TV show and
·         the pet care industry’s most recognized and sought-after authority
·         working in the field of dog care and rehabilitation.
·         Now he offers advice to pet owners this season.

Famed dog trainer Cesar Millan was born in rural Culiacan, Mexico. Spending much of his childhood on his grandfather’s farm in a nearby town, he observed the behavior of the many dogs on the farm and dreamed of becoming the world’s best dog trainer. When he was 21, he moved to California and landed a job grooming dogs, soon gaining a reputation for his calming effect on even the most difficult dogs. He was surprised how troubled so many of the dogs he encountered seemed to be, and how disconnected Americans seemed to be from nature and the world around them. He began to think he should redirect his dream to become a rehabilitator of dogs and a trainer of humans.

This spring and summer, as humans and dogs alike enjoy time in the great outdoors, Cesar Millan warns of the dangers fleas and ticks may pose to dogs, and urges dog owners to visit their veterinarians to be informed about flea and tick control as we head into the warmer seasons. Problems caused by these blood-sucking parasites can include mild to severe itching, infections, and skin sores. Cesar has built a career on being tuned into what dogs are really going through, and can personally attest to the importance of keeping our furry friends protected from fleas and ticks as we roll into warmer months.

Mark Barone

Mark Barone, a Chicago Native, from an Italian family, has three passions, Art, Music, and Dogs. Mark has been a successful artist for over 30 years, has received many grants for artistic excellence, and accepted in over 100 National and Regional shows, claiming many of the top honors.  Now, he works tirelessly painting the portraits of dogs that were euthanized. His goal is to paint 5500 portraits and has completed 3,000. The number 5500 represents the estimated number of dogs that are put down each day.

Marina Dervan

Marina  Dervan an English Native, From an Irish Family, has spent her entire career committed to finding compassionate solutions to “people problems,” and is now turning her attention to Animals.  Marina’s intent is to provoke enough media and community attention, so that as a nation we do not become silent about things that matter, and instead come together in pursuit of a No-Kill-Nation.

Marina has joined forces with Mark Barone, using the powerful medium of Art for social change. Together through their organization An Act of Dog they work to raise awareness of  the need for  compassionate shelter reform, and community engagement in both adopting and fostering , will ensure that all healthy and adoptable Animals are saved.

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