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The Chimpanzee Chronicles

Debra Rosenman on Pet Life Radio.......The Chimpanzee Chronicles on Pet Life Radio

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Debra Rosenman writes in the introduction of her soon to be released book, The Chimpanzee Chronicles: Spellbinding Stories From Behind The Bars,"Chimpanzee's are not playthings, actors, or science project, they are sentient, intelligent and emotionally complex beings, capable of feeling and expressing the same emotions as we do- sadness, grief, excitement, anger, depression, joy and love."

In this episode of Max A Pooch's Awesome Animal Advocates learn from Debra how much like us these beings really are and why she believes her book is, "An invitation, a declaration, and a call to action, on behalf of all captive chimpanzees"

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Debra Rosenman is a writer, workshop leader, media consultant, certified Rubenfeld Synergist & Somatic Archaeologist. With unyielding passion she has been focused on the plight of captive chimpanzees for over a decade. Instilling a message of hope in all her animal advocate work, Debra continues to honor our interconnectedness with her new book, THE CHIMPANZEE CHRONICLES, which will be published later this year.

Debra is the founder of Project Sweet Dreams, an organization that teaches children about humane ethics and compassion through the study of great apes, focusing on education, fundraising and community relations. Allowing nature, animals and spirit to guide her life, Debra’s goal is always to encourage a deep respect and empathy towards animals and the earth. She created Journey into the Animal Heart Circles to assist people in unearthing their own powerful voice within so they can better effect change for animals in the world.

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