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Allie Boyer, Teenager,
Raises Thousands for Orangutans

Allie Boyer on Pet Life Radio

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Now we get to have a conversation with the one I call, a Rock Star of conservation, the Orangutan's best friend - Allie Boyer. She is a 14 year old who cares about wildlife and decided to DO something about species extinction.  Allie has raised thousands of dollars to help save Orangutans!  I consider Allie, and her mom, Pam, to be inspirations for all of us .  And Allie has proven that children can do important things to help save endangered species.  Share this story with your children.  In fact, Allie is looking for helpers.  She will be happy to show you how to set up a chapter of her fundraising project, she calls, Purses for Primates.  Just ask her!

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My love for apes began in the second grade, when I read the book ko-ko's kitten at recess. I researched about apes when I got home, and found out about the plight of the orangutans. Orangutans are endangered because of palm oil plantations. Unfortunately, people tear down the rain forests of Borneo and Sumatra to build these plantations, leaving the orangutans with no home. Palm oil is in foods, make up, candy etc. When I learned about this I knew I needed to do something. Before I had the idea for Purses for Primates I would spread the word about palm oil to anyone I met. When my family took a vacation to Carmel, California, we saw a lot of boutiques; this gave us an idea. From that point on I started collecting donations from friends and family, of purses, scarfs, and jewelry. Soon we had enough to hold the first purse party. I give all of the proceeds to the orangutans through

So far, we have raised over 7,200 dollars for the orangutans. Without the help of my family, I wouldn't be able to do these purse parties. Also I have an amazing friend, Natalie Katsikas, who volunteers at every purse party. Without the help of these people I couldn't do this.

Purses for Primates

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