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Groom For Improvement on Pet Life RadioKen Jones- host of Jungle Deep  on Pet Life Radio

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Tarzan, Lord of the Louisiana Jungle

Al Bohl on Pet Life Radio........

..Al Bohl...........................

Dr. Jones explores the world of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes. Tarzan is the most famous character associated with the jungle. He was the creation of the famous adventure author, Edger Rice Burroughs. Not counting all the books, nearly 90 movies and 6 TV shows have been produced about Tarzan in the nearly 100 years since he first appeared on the silver screen. That's an amazing average of about 1 per year for 100 consecutive years! It is hard to think of any other character in the history of the movies that has received that much attention!

While in other episodes we are going to be learning about the science of the real jungles of today, and talking with some modern explorers, in this episode we are going back in time to take a look at how people perceived the jungles 100 years ago, through the focusing lens of Tarzan. To take us on this particular safari, we have as our guide, a leading expert on Tarzan, and producer of a new documentary about Tarzan's very first movie. His name is Al Bohl. Al 's new documentary is called, "Tarzan, Lord of the Louisiana Jungle", about the historic Tarzan silent movie blockbuster made in 1918.

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Tarzan (Elmo Lincoln) with his Mangani mother, Kala, from the historic 1918 film on Pet Life Radio

Tarzan (Elmo Lincoln) with his Mangani mother, Kala, from the historic 1918 film

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