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Talkin' PetsJon Patch, host of Talkin' Pets

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Talkin' Pets Show Host

My Bionic Pet

Kevin Bachar on Pet Life Radio.....

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Kevin Bachar, producer of Nature's My Bionic Pet  joins Jon Patch and crew to talk about this show that airs April 9th on PBS.  Animals that have met with misfortune, whether from a birth defect, accident, disease or even human cruelty, are now getting a second chance at life due to human intervention and technological advances. Left disabled without limbs, fins, flippers, beaks or tails, these creatures face a grim future, if one at all. But innovative prosthetics can change those survival odds if someone comes to their rescue.

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Kevin Bachar is a three time Emmy award-winning Show Runner, Producer, Director, Writer and Cinematographer who formed Pangolin Pictures in 1995. Before that, he was a senior producer at National Geographic Television, where he edited and produced numerous films and created the award-winning series Journal. Previously for Nature he produced Sled Dogs: An Alaskan Epic, Tall Blondes and Violent Hawaii. He has developed and produced films and series in a variety of genres, including Tsunami: Killer Wave, Tiger Shark, and the 13-part reality series Phobias, all for National Geographic; TV-Ography and Jacked: Grand Theft Auto Unit for "A&E"; the Showtime Original Series What's Going On? directing Angelina Jolie in Tanzania; and Fire Mummies for the Discovery Channel.

Other productions include Dangerous Drives for Speed, and Firefly 10 Year Reunion: Browncoats Unite for the Science Channel. Personal and home makeover shows such as Buff Brides for Discovery and Fun Shui for HGTV were Executive Produced by Kevin. He won a prestigious Genesis Award for his film Audubon's Eagle Adventures and his PBS film What Females Want, and Males Will Do was a finalist for Best Animal Behavior at the 2009 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival. He also received two 2011 Prime-Time Emmy nominations for Jaws: The Inside Story and John Belushi: Dancing on the Edge. In 2010 he garnered a Webby nomination, In 2013 Kevin Bachar had the honor of producing National Geographic's 125th Anniversary Show, celebrating over 100 years of exploration and scientific discovery.

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