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Talkin' PetsJon Patch, host of Talkin' Pets

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Talkin' Pets Show Host

Life's A Bark

Larry Kay on Pet Life Radio.....

Larry Kay..................................


This week Jon Patch chats with Larry Kay, author of Life's A Bark: What Dogs Teach Us About Life and Love.  Long gone are the days when being "treated like a dog" was a bad thing. Today, our canine companions thrive under our encouragement and love, but surprisingly, we don't always treat other humans, or even ourselves, the same way. There's so much our dogs can teach us about living a fun, fulfilling life-if only we'd sit up and listen!

In this charming book of woof wisdom, you'll discover how to play fair, chase adventure, love unconditionally, and unleash your awesomeness by treating yourself-you guessed it-just like a beloved dog.

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In the $53 billion pet industry, Larry Kay consistently creates and produces award-winners.
• FORTHCOMING book Life’s A Bark: what dogs teach us about life and love (Sourcebooks 6/2014), and a reality TV series.
• CURRENTLY in soft launch with 185,000 Facebook fans on his new personal brand, Positively Woof, which celebrates our human-animal bond with lots of ARF: Advocacy Readiness Fun.
• With Bo Obama’s dog trainer, authored the book Training the Best Dog Ever (Workman Publishing). Two national book awards and many high-profile accolades.
• For startup Animal Wow Entertainment, raised capital, created and produced the most award-winning dog care DVD for kids. Endorsed by American Humane Association.
• Contributing Editor, Dog Fancy magazine. Reporter for AOL on the Westminster Dog Show. Pet360 BlogPaws Influencer. Contributor, American Animal Hospital Association.

BEFORE DOG was another “BIG D” — Disney. For the Disney Internet Group, Larry was Senior Product Manager & Senior Producer for kids’ web content, and he represented Disney in industry and government forums on children’s online safety. Creative lead for Disney Interactive think tank project, consulted on many Disney games, including Mickey Mouse, 101 Dalmatians, Toy Story 2.

"D" is also for DIVERSE. Larry’s NON-FICTION writing and producing credits include documentaries for PBS, US Constitution Bicentennial Commission, and Travel Channel. ENTERTAINMENT projects for The Muppets, Robert DeNiro’s company (featuring Aerosmith), and the smash hit computer game Freddi Fish for startup Humongous Entertainment, which sold 2.5 million units and won 75 awards.
Music coordinator for the Sundance Film Festival Grand Prize feature film, True Love (MGM/UA and RCA Records) that produced two Billboard hits.

Larry taught producing at NYU and abroad. He holds a BA from UC Berkeley and an MS in TV/Film from the Newhouse School at Syracuse University where he won awards as a student filmmaker.

Larry also trains dogs professionally as his schedule will allow, and he mentors humans to excellence. Years ago, Larry became an Eagle Scout. He continues to be prepared and do a good turn daily.

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