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Talkin' PetsJon Patch, host of Talkin' Pets

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BrightHaven - Healing Arts
Center for Animals

Richard Pope on Pet Life Radio.....

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Jon Patch welcomes Richard Pope, Co-founder and Executive Director of BrightHaven.  BrightHaven is a unique and progressive animal care organization, providing sanctuary to animals in need of specialized treatment and elderly care.  BrightHaven is also an education center for the community in holistic healing for animals and a rescue for animals most at risk for euthanasia

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Almost two decades ago British born businessman Richard Pope and his wife Gail opened their home and hearts to countless unwanted animals facing certain death. Over time BrightHaven has offered sanctuary to hundreds of animals and evolved to become a healing arts center and unique holistic retirement retreat and hospice for senior (16+) sick or disabled animals. The BrightHaven animals live out their lives in a beautiful, well balanced environment as part of a loving family and all are completely free to roam indoors or outside in the enclosed gardens.
During their journey into the world of natural medicine, Gail and Richard found their understanding of healing and wellness changing, as they were privileged to witness amazing returns to better health and longevity in many of the animals, who have since become well-known BrightHaven success stories. And so the BrightHaven journey has been one of learning about healing—for body, mind and spirit. The animals have taught that, for some, healing will bring about new and wonderful life and for others, that healing will be necessary to prepare for death and the journey beyond.
Gail offers her experience to help others care for their own senior or special needs animals as she offers education on wellness care, hospice and transition, as well as the many natural alternatives to conventional health care or euthanasia. These days BrightHaven rarely accepts new family members and is hopeful that, through this program of education, others will come forward to open their hearts and homes to those whom BrightHaven cannot adopt, and so continue this extraordinary mission. They also envisage that, as the word is spread both by the public as well as the ever changing and growing veterinary community, that many will undertake the care at home, of their senior or special needs pets.


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