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Monster Fish

Zeb Hogan  on Pet Life Radio.....

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Jon Patch talks to Zeb Hogan, host of Nat Geo WILD's popular series Monster Fish.  Hogan, a researcher in the Department of Biology, travels the globe to find, study and protect the world's largest freshwater fish.  Hogan's show, televised in North America, Asia and Europe, offers a mix of science, adventure, and exploration around the world, with challenges such as expeditions up the Amazon and the remote Rio Roosevelt, a rugged 400-mile-long river in western Brazil that has remained largely unexplored since Theodore Roosevelt first boated down it in 1913.

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Zeb Hogan started with an undergraduate degree in ecology and evolutionary biology from the University of Arizona. Then Zeb Came to Thailand's Chaing Mai University, and he studding environmental risk. After that Zeb was returning home to US and completed his Ph.D. in ecology at the University of California.

Zeb Hogan is maybe most known from his job in the television program '' Monsterfish''. But he is also a man with a lot of respect, because he has done so much for all the big freshwater fish.

In Cambodia, for example, when some fishermen catch a vulnerable species, Zeb buy the fish (if the fish is alive of course). He studies them and tags them (with a satellite), and then he releases them down stream, a long distance away from the fishermen's nets. With the satellite Zeb can se when the fish is moving to another place. So can Zeb and others biologist can get more information behavior. Zeb Hogan and his team have tagged over 3,000 river catfish.

Zeb have since 1996 worked primarily in the lower Mekong river basin. Zeb has been studying the giant Mekong catfish and other large fish.

Zeb has also been working as WWF senior freshwater fellow, and was named as National Geographic Explorer in 2004. Zeb is now a research professor at the University of Nevada. In all Zeb has 12 years of experience in fisheries research and conservation and including three years in North America, one year in Africa, one year in Europe and seven years in Asia.

As Zeb say'' I've been interested in fish, rivers and streams as long as i remember. I love research, science and exploration. These projects allow me to combine all those things and convey excitement to others, who Í hope will take action and do the same as I''. It´s important for Zeb that he is doing something he likes, and makes a different.

Monster Fish on Nat Geo WILD

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