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"My Dog Digs Dirt" is a fun, upbeat, educational show all about pets and animals and the humans who love them! Lauren interviews guests from across the globe about everything and anything that animal lovers need to know! It's all about having fun, and feeling good about our love of pets!

Lauren's Co-Host for "My Dog Digs Dirt: is her great big 132 pound Bouvier Des Flandres "Enoki" who many people think is a black bear cub!!!! "Enoki" is a fashion model when she wants to be, a good will ambasador...and will do just about anything when a biscuit is involved!

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Episode 33 -

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Episode 32 - Ask the Vet

Your vet questions answered! On this episode of My Dog Digs Dirt veterinarian Dr. Melissa Shapiro answers your questions about your  pets health... and talks about her at-home health care practice called the 'Visiting Vet Service' ...and her special Pet Senior Health Care Services.

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Episode 31 - K9s For Warriors

On this Episode of My Dog Digs Dirt  join me for an up close and personal look at  K9s For Warriors... started back in 2011.  This wonderful organization matches unwanted dogs with war veterans in need. My guest is Chief Marketing Officer, Tahoma Guiry.

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Episode 30 - Keeping your K-9 Fit

If you've noticed an extra jiggle around your pets waist, might be time for a visit to the K9 Fit Club...founded by Tricia Montgomery... whose on a mission to reverse the growing trend of overweight pets and their humans. Find out more on this Episode of "My Dog Digs Dirt"

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Episode 29 - World Dog Expo

Want to have some real Fun with your Fido? then tune in...  On this episode of My Dog Digs Dirt join me and my guest Alyx Robertson from Barkleigh Productions, for an inside look at the upcoming World Dog Expo, a spectacular three day doggie lovers extravaganza, with dozens of events and workshops and fun activities celebrating dogs everywhere!

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Episode 28 - Fun New & Exciting Pet Products

On this episode of My Dog Digs Dirt meet three upcoming pet entrepreneurs, and get a inside look at their brilliant new creations... Meet  Janine Berger-Gillet founder of Twigo Tags, Debbie Viney from BH Pet Gear and Loren Kulesus with Dr. Catsby a new bowl to prevent whisker fatigue.   There's something for everybody! Tune in.

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Episode 27 - Hopping into your Heart

Move over Peter Cottontail...you've got some stiff competition!  Rabbits are hopping up to take the spot as thee most popular small animal pet in the United States.  Hard to resist those floppy ears, wiggly noses and oh so cute cotton tails! On this episode of My Dog Digs Dirt... everything you wanted to know about rabbit ownership, showmanship and so much more, with my special guest, Josh Humphries, President of the American Rabbit Breeders Association... dedicated to the promotion, development and the improvement of domestic rabbits everywhere!

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Episode 26 - Thinking Animals United

On this episode of My Dog Digs Dirt join me for an inside look into Thinking Animals United, a wonderful non for profit organization started by Bonnie Wyper, on a  mission to better understand animals and inspire a unified commitment to their protection and well being.

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Episode 25 - The Yarn Farmer

Many people dream about it... but in reality, it's not easy to leave a corporate career to follow your Pet passion... On this episode of  My Dog Digs Dirt meet Andrea Dener, now known as "The Yarn Farmer' who did just that, and hasn't looked back!

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Episode 24 - Long Island Bulldog Rescue

The English Bulldog is one of the most adorable, and in recent years has become one of the most popular breed of dogs.. yet more and more are being surrendered to shelters. On this episode of My Dog Digs Dirt meet the woman who is trying to change that... Laurette Richin... founder of Long Island Bulldog Rescue, a non profit she started back in 1999.

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Episode 23 - Working Dogs for Conservation

Our fabulous K-9's perform so many jobs, they are used in the Military, for Police work, as Seeing Eye dogs, as service animals... the list goes on and on...  but did you know they are also being used in Conservation? On today's episode of My Dog Digs Dirt I talk exclusively with Pete Coppolillo, Executive Director of Working Dogs for Conservation, a group that trains the world's best conservation detection dogs and puts them to work saving wildlife and wild places.

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Episode 22 - STARelief and Pet Assistance

When a pet owner falls on hard times, when a military member is deployed and has no one to care for their pet, when a senior, or someone who is sick needs assistance caring for their best furry friend, when domestic violence strikes and a safe place is needed, when pet owners need help buying food or paying for bills... who can they turn to for help? On this episode of My Dog Digs Dirt meet Heather Scutti, Executive Director of STARelief and Pet Assistance. and find out how they provide lifesaving pet food, veterinary care, emergency boarding, even foster care to PETS whose caregivers are struggling with financial hardship.

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Episode 21 - Train Your Dog in 7 Days

On this episode of My Dog Digs Dirt Meet the Emmy award winning host of Lucky Dog, Brandon McMillan whose just released book Lucky Dog Lessons offers wonderful tips for training your dog in just 7 days! Find out how he got started and how he has dedicated his life to saving animals in need.

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Episode 20 - Pet Entrepreneurs

Ever dream about starting your own pet business~ but aren't sure how to get started? On this episode of My Dog Digs Dirt meet some up and coming pet entrepreneurs who are taking the pet world by storm... Jamie Carreiro, Creative and Technical Director of Disco Dog, makers of an LED powered vest for your pooch, Susan McGuire, President and Founder of Maison de Woof Accessories for the Fashionable Pup, Brandon Zavala, founder and president of Apollo Peak, makers of Cat Wines and Dog Wines, and Karen Merz President/owner of K9 Studio Dog Grooming Salon with her Brand manager Mario Pablo.

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Episode 19 - Dogs in the Courtroom

Testifying in court can be a terrifying experience....but victims of crime now have a new four-legged advocate to help them out... specially trained dogs, thanks to a wonderful organization called Courthouse Dogs Foundation, that promotes the use of  dogs in the courtroom  to provide comfort and emotional support to people in legal proceedings. who might need it.  Courthouse Dogs was founded in 2004, and presently employs 87 dogs working in 28 states.  On today's show we meet Celeste Walsen, one of the founders and now the Executive Director of the Courthouse Dogs Foundation.

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Episode 18 - Wildlife Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

Imagine leaving your 'real' job behind to pursue your passion...that's what Tom Samuelson did and he hasn't looked back! On today's episode of My Dog Digs Dirt Meet Tom and find out his secret to success! Tom's incredible images of nature and wildlife have appeared in Audubon, National Geographic, Ducks Unlimited, World Wildlife Fund in the Netherlands, as well as in many publications across Minnesota, his home town, and as far away as India! He was a finalist in the  Weather Channels 2016 amazing Outta There Photo contest and has just been contacted to do a documentary in Japan. His work is guaranteed to inspire you! It certainly inspires me.

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Episode 17 - PAWS... Performing Animal Welfare Society

When you think of California's Gold Country, you probably think of it as a spot with huge homes for the rich and famous. Right? Well, it's also home to a wonderful animal sanctuary, with Asian and African elephants..  African lions, panthers, tigers, bears and other exotic animals~ all rescues from circuses, zoos and the exotic pet trade.

On this Episode of  My Dog Digs Dirt we meet Ed Stewart , one of the founders of PAWS.... PERFORMING ANIMAL WELFARE SOCIETY...  and find out about his  incredible sanctuary and about his mission..  to protect performing and abused animals...  to preserve wild species and their habitat, and to promote education about captive wildlife concerns

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Episode 16 - Hang Ten ! All Paws on Board for Surfing Dog Ricochet

She's known around the world for her surfing abilities, but her true calling is helping others. On this episode of My Dog Digs Dirt meet Ricochet , an amazing Golden Retriever, who is not only winning surfing contests... she is changing people's lives. Join me, Lauren Collier and her mom, Judy Fridono, Executive Director of Puppy Prodigies Neo-Natal & Early Learning Program.

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Episode 15 - Fuzzy Felines

Move over Fido, you have some competition on the agility course, felines are getting into the "scratch" too! On this episode of "My Dog Digs Dirt" join me, and my guest International Cat Association specialty judge Cheryl Hogan, as we take an inside peek at the growing sport of cat agility and the wonderful world of cat show competitions.

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Episode 14 - Hitting the Highway with your Pet

Thinking about taking your pet on vacation? You certainly aren't alone! Some 30 million Americans say they have traveled with their pet in the last three years.  More and more hotels, motels, restaurants  and attractions are opening their doors to our fabulous furry friends.

On this episode of  "My Dog Digs Dirt " find out about pet friendly destinations and travel tips for you and your pet.   Join me, Lauren Collier and my guest, Robert Sinclair, Manager of Media Relations  Triple AAA Northeast.   Happy Trails!

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Episode 13 - Reach for the Stars

Remember Lassie? How about Rin Tin Tin? How about Moose the Jack Russell terrier who starred in Frazier??  More and more animals are starring in commercials, movies and even on Broadway!.... Did you ever wonder if your baby has what it takes to make it?  Find out on this episode of My Dog Digs Dirt.   My guest is Diane Katz... from the Dawn Animal Agency in New York City whose many clients can be seen in print, on TV, on stage and on screen.

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Episode 12 - Kanine Knitter, Fashion Goes to the Dogs

She has spent over 40 years breeding and showing Samoyed dogs., has won countless show and obedience titles... has had huge success as a fashion designer of knits worn proudly by animal lovers around the world... has created over 100 knitting patterns, ten books on knitting for dog lovers,  and if that's not enough... Peggy Gaffney is a successful fiction writer.  In fact, her wonderful Book  Fashion Goes to the DogsA Kate Killoy Mystery  was so well received, she has a sequel coming this Fall!  Find out more... on this episode of My Dog Digs Dirt.

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Episode 11 - K-9 Cops Get a New Tool to Keep Commuters and Travelers Safe

On this episode of My Dog Digs Dirt join me for an insider's look at the very first Mass-Transit K-9 Training center in the United States.

This amazing facility , located in Stormville New York, features 72 acres with multiple indoor-and outdoor training areas, obstacle courses, classrooms, and kennels, designed to provide MTA Police with an unlimited number of scenarios to teach, drill , test and train our Brave K-9 Cops. My guest is MTA Lt. John Kerwick , president of the United States Police Canine Association (USPCA) and Tactical Commander of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Police Canine Unit in New York City.

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Episode 10 - The Gentle Giant

Considered by many to be one of the most Versatile and perhaps one of the Oldest dog breeds... the Newfoundland is a large, strong, devoted dog from the working class. He is a multipurpose dog that is capable of heavy work both on land and in the water... not only are they strong powerful swimmers, Newfoundlands excel on land by pulling carts with heavy loads, being assistance dogs, therapy dogs, companions and saving lives in search and rescue missions. On this episode of My Dog Digs Dirt, meet Judith Marshall president of the Colonial Newfoundland Club... and find out more about this wonderful breed.

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Episode 9 - 4 Legged Mini Wonders

Therapy animals come in all shapes and sizes... including incredibly adorable miniature horses! On this episode of My Dog Digs Dirt meet Debbie Garcia-Bengochea, Education Director of Gentle Carousel MiniatureTherapy Horses, a wonderful all volunteer nonprofit charity, started almost 20 years ago, on a mission to bring love and comfort where and when it's most needed.

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Episode 8 - Hats Off! Plus Eco-friendly Pet Products

Pet Fashion and Accessories are Exploding!   These days you can find just about anything for your beloved pet... including hand made hats!  On this episode of My Dog Digs Dirt I'll introduce you to Roni Goldberg, designer and founder of Roni Goldberg Designs, a self taught milliner for animals whose Incredibly inventive hats are now sold around the world.  And to Ann Greenberg, founder and president of A Pet With Paws, who makes the most divine fashion-forward, yet eco-friendly products for pets and pet lovers. 

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Episode 7 - Protecting the Friendly Skies.... Airport Dog

Most of us think of our dogs as companions, pets or even furry children....right? Well  more and more of our faithful K-9's are holding down jobs... like police work, or water rescue, Seeing Eye dogs, or even working  on the farm...  dogs have held jobs for centuries. But did you ever hear of an airport dog?  On this episode of My Dog Digs Dirt... meet the incredible K-9 "Piper" who works the runways at an airport in Michigan, and his  human, Brian Edwards, who rescued him.  Don't miss a lick of it!

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Episode 6 - Doggie Dock Diving

If you haven't heard of the Incredibly Popular and Rapidly Growing Canine Aquatic Sport  Dog Dock Diving...You must! Tune in!!!  On Today's episode of My Dog Digs Dirt.. If you have a dog that enjoys the water , loves to play, loves to retrieve a toy... then Dog Dock Diving may be the perfect fit. You never know until you try it. 

Dog Dock Diving  started making headlines back in 1997 at the Incredible Dog Challenge...and  continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Any type of dog is welcome! Humans too. Meet the owner and president of NORTH AMERICA DIVING DOGS. Debbie Markwardt... a group that started just 2 years ago to help promote the sport, and already has over 4000 dogs involved... MAYBE YOUR PUP CAN GET INVOLVED too. stay tuned!

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Episode 5 - Pet Couture Explodes on the Runway

On This episode of 'My Dog Digs Dirt' meet Anthony Rubio internationally acclaimed Pet Courtier, born and raised in New York City whose one of a kind creations have been featured on Pet Talk , Good Morning America, The New York Times, The Today Show, USA Today, MTV Style, TIME Magazine, Glamour Magazine, Yahoo! News, MSN News, Woman's Wear Daily, New York Magazine’s The Cut, Refinery 29, People Magazine, Sports Illustrated among many others.... We get an up close and personal view. 

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Episode 4 - The Wolf Conservation Center and Yorkie 911

Join me for a very special peak behind the scenes at The Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem New York ...Executive Director Maggie Howell fills us in on how they are helping to save our wolf population by using  a combination of education and hands on experiences  to  promote Wolf Conservation by teaching about wolves, their relationship to the environment, and the human role in protecting their future. 

And meet the founder and the Media Director ofYorkie911 Rescue, Inc  a 501(c)3 non-profit organization comprised of hard-working volunteers who are passionate about rescuing, vetting, protecting and raising awareness about the Yorkshire Terrier and other small breed dogs.  Their goal is to find the best home environment possible for each and every dog we take into rescue.

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Episode 3 - On the Catwalk...

On this episode of My Dog Digs Dirt get a behind the scenes look at what's hot in Pet Fashion fresh off the Runway with Founder of Celebrity Catwalk Jennifer Bartok.

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Episode 2 - Red Hot Products, Fabulously Fancy Jewels

It's No secret that the pet products industry is booming! Americans are spending billions of dollars on their furry friends, and that number just keeps rising... Tune in to hear about What's hot?  What's unexpected? and What's on trend...

Meet Pet Jewelry Designer Val Sorensen, whose jewelry line called GLAM DOG JEWELRY is absolutely on fire....and it's not just for pups...kitties can wear her bling too!  And get a front row seat at what's new in the pet products industry from  Dana Humphrey also known as The Pet Lady ... Owner of Whitegate PR and Co-Founder of the NYC Re-Tails and Sales Pet Expo.  

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Episode 1 - On My Honor....

You've  probably heard about the Girls Scouts and Boy Scouts, rght? But how about the Pup Scouts? Founded back  in 2010 , PupScouts.Org is an International Organization, with troops across the country and in Canada.

The Pup Scouts have appeared on the Nat Geo Wild Network in "Spoiled Rotten Pets", on Good Morning America, on Nightline, and best of all...on my show "Pet Talk."  Today we get up close and personal with founder Susan Godwin, and National Troop Leader Jennifer-Jo Moyer.... right here on "My Dog Digs Dirt"... find out how you can join!

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